Talking Stars Podcast S01 E21: ‘Oscars Reflecting’

room_posterFour blog film critics discuss the Oscar winners from this year (2016). We talked at length about whether we agreed with the academy or not, and why.

This episode features a new guest blog film critic Audrey from 1001 Movies and Beyond. The other critics are Darren from Movie Reviews 101 , Kira from Film and TV 101, and Damien from Riley on Film.


Talking Stars Podcast S01 E20: ‘James Wan’

This marks our 20th episode! Shagadelic baby! 😉 Seriously though, in honor of Halloween, and to finish off our Horror October theme, we had a lively discussion on the master of horror himself, James Wan. He is known for directing films like Saw, Insidious, the Conjuring series and more. 

The blog film critics talking in this show are Damien, Darren, and Kira.


Talking Stars Podcast S01 E19: ‘Foreign Horror’


In this podcast we reviewed several foreign horror films including:

The Devil’s Backbone
Let the Right One In
The Orphanage

We hope you enjoy listening.

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Kira’s blog review of Let the Right One In

Talking Stars Podcast S01 E18: ‘Kate Winslet’

kate-winslet-essentialsIn this episode we discuss the films of the beautiful and talented Kate Winslet. Darren, Kira, and Damien share their favorites along with our esteemed guest Jay Cluitt who is known for being an excellent blog film critic on his own site: as well as being a podcast and blog lead writer at the LAMB. We are grateful for Jay being on our show and that he has agreed to return. Kate Winslet has starred in many Hollywood blockbusters, putting her on the A-List of actresses in the business.

Some films we discussed in this episode:

The Dressmaker (2015) stars as Myrtle ‘Tilly’ Dunnage
The Divergent Series: Insurgent (2015) aka “Insurgent” stars as Jeanine Matthews
Steve Jobs (2015) stars as Joanna Hoffman
Divergent (2014) stars as Jeanine Matthews
A Little Chaos (2014) stars as Sabine De Barra
Movie 43 (2013) stars as Beth (segment “The Catch”)
Contagion (2011) stars as Dr. Erin Mears
The Reader (2009) stars as Hanna Schmitz
Revolutionary Road (2008) stars as April Wheeler
Little Children (2006) stars as Sarah Pierce
The Holiday (2006) stars as Iris
Finding Neverland (2004) stars as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) stars as Clementine Kruczynski
Plunge: The Movie (2003) stars as Clare
The Life of David Gale (2003) aka Leben des David Gale, Das (Germany) stars as Bitsey Bloom
Titanic (1997) stars as Rose DeWitt Bukater

Most recall her in Titanic and some recall her from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The fact is, she’s had a strong run of films through the years, some of which we cover in this episode. We would love to read your comments about Kate Winslet in the comments. If we really like them, we may mention them in an upcoming show. Speaking of that, if you are a film blog critic, in the movie business or otherwise passionate about films and want to be on the show, leave us a comment or get in touch with us through Twitter in the sidebar. In closing, we discuss trailers on the show and the ones we discuss in this episode are below. We recommend you view them before hearing our impressions at the end of the show.

Talking Stars Podcast S01 E17: ‘Lights Out’


Lights Out (2016)

Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello

Directed by

David F. Sandberg

Written by

Eric Heisserer, David F. Sandberg

Other Info

Fantasy, Horror
Rated PG-13
1h 21min

4 Stars (4 / 5)
Horror movies are built on scares. Some are hugely successful because they get the scares just right. Darren and Damien review ‘Lights Out’ and whether it’s scary or good by their standards. Have a listen and comment what you think! This is part of our “Horror October” series.

Talking Stars Podcast S01 E16: Horror Remakes

halloween2007Today the blog film critics discussed “Horror Remakes.”

We are:

If you enjoy this episode, let us know. If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast, let us know that as well. We are actively seeking blog film critics, actors, directors and movie cast members to appear on the show.

Please enjoy our spooky Halloween music intro to the episode >:-)

Talking Stars Podcast S01 E15: ‘Shadows Fall’ and ‘Train to Busan’

It’s October and you know what that means … Scary movies and Halloween themes here at the Talking Stars podcast.

In this episode Darren and I compare 2 films in our “Indie vs. Big Budget” format: Shadows Fall and Train to Busan. We have much to say about both.

Enjoy listening! The audio player is at the bottom of the post.



Your Blog Film Critics are:

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Please enjoy our spooky Halloween music intro.

Talking Stars Podcast S01 E14: ‘Sneak Previews’ – Films Yet To be Released in 2016 that we Find Interesting

Join Darren, Kira, and Damien as they discuss their film picks for the remainder of 2016. Becky had the day off.


Contact us on Twitter:

Darren: @newguyreview101
Kira: @filmandtv101
Damien: @rileyonfilm
Becky had the day off.

We hope you enjoyed this episode. We are looking for fun people to appear on our podcast. If you like movies and have something to say about them, contact one of us and we’ll see about having you as our guest in a future episode.

Talking Stars Podcast S01 E12: ‘Guess Who – Character Edition’

guesswhoPodcast Show Notes:
Darren leads us in a trivia game about characters and actors in movies. This was our first try at this. It went very well and we think we can do it better next time where some of the questions possibly could be answerable by Damien 😉 At the end we all share a film we’ve seen recently (no spoilers).
Members of the panel are:

Round 1
Michael Keaton, Bradley Cooper, Jack Black, Tom Hiddleston, Robin Williams

Round 2
Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Harrison Ford, Oscar Isaacs, Clive Owen

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Talking Stars Podcast S01 E11: ‘Favorite Character Screen Introductions’

*This episode may contain spoilers.
willycanePodcast Show Notes:
Most movie lovers can remember certain characters bursting onto the screen in unforgettable scenes. The challenge to our three movie critics today was to summon some favorites and share them on the podcast. It made for a lively discussion and touch the neurons of quite a few memories both vintage and recent.

The order of the episode is as follows:

1. Ice Breaker: Each critic brings one film we have seen recently as a spoiler-free discussion. Darren starts.

2. We all bring 2 favorite character screen intros each. Becky Starts.

3. We each bring and discuss a film we wish we could have seen and why we would have or want to see the film from this year (preferably not something that has come out in the last 2 weeks or so this also offers a follow up chat for later shows too where we can get into spoilers.) Damien Starts

Films mentioned:
The Man Who Knew Infinity, House of Frankenstein, Howl of the Wolfman, The Family Fang, The Empire Strikes Back, Fast and the Furious, Silence of the Lambs, Ocean’s Eleven, Jurassic Park, Alien, Sing Street and more.

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