Talking Stars Podcast S01 E28 – ‘John Malkovich’

John Malkovich is a well known name in movies. What many people do not know is that he has spent many years gracing the live stage with his talents.

93554D4A-D86A-4A88-9378-F9185D6DEB53He’s a commanding presence in film and on stage. Our panel unanimously respects him greatly and it comes across in our words this episode. As we normally do every other episode or so, we focused on an actor in this , a “star,” and we did some “talking” about him. We hope you’ll give it a listen and interact with us in the comments.

List of blog critics and rough outline:

Matt (Special Guest!) – Simplistic Reviews
Darren – Movie Reviews 101
Damien – Riley on Film
Kira – Film and Television 101
Becky – Film Music Central

Damien (Hosting) – (Gives historical summary/overview of the actor) covering: The Changeling
Kira – Con Air
Darren – Shadow of the Vampire
Matt (Our highly esteemed guest from Simplistic Reviews)- Rounders
Becky – Of Mice and Men

Trailer segment (something new we’ve been doing)
All critics will have a chance to comment briefly on the trailer for the new Mummy

What Have We Been Watching segment …

Kira’s Con Air review

Damien’s Changeling review

Darren’s reviews of:


Talking Stars Podcast S01 E11: ‘Favorite Character Screen Introductions’

*This episode may contain spoilers.
willycanePodcast Show Notes:
Most movie lovers can remember certain characters bursting onto the screen in unforgettable scenes. The challenge to our three movie critics today was to summon some favorites and share them on the podcast. It made for a lively discussion and touch the neurons of quite a few memories both vintage and recent.

The order of the episode is as follows:

1. Ice Breaker: Each critic brings one film we have seen recently as a spoiler-free discussion. Darren starts.

2. We all bring 2 favorite character screen intros each. Becky Starts.

3. We each bring and discuss a film we wish we could have seen and why we would have or want to see the film from this year (preferably not something that has come out in the last 2 weeks or so this also offers a follow up chat for later shows too where we can get into spoilers.) Damien Starts

Films mentioned:
The Man Who Knew Infinity, House of Frankenstein, Howl of the Wolfman, The Family Fang, The Empire Strikes Back, Fast and the Furious, Silence of the Lambs, Ocean’s Eleven, Jurassic Park, Alien, Sing Street and more.

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