Ep. 103 – God Particle Preview & Cloverfield Franchise


Host: Darren

Guest: Kira


Ep. 102 – ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and Movies Adapted from YA Novels

“A Wrinkle in Time:” The recent young adult release has the critics polarized. Join Damien from TheDamienRileyPodcast.com and special returning guest Audrey from ‘Rated M for McPhail’ and ‘1001 Movies and Beyond’ as they discuss this movie and other YA movies adapted from novels.



Ep. 97 – Red Sparrow (Preview) The Best and Worst of Jennifer Lawrence

A preview of Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie. How do we think it will go? Then we talk about the best and worst of her past movies. We hope you enjoy the show.


Host Darren

Panel: Damien and Kira.


Ep. 95 – Annihilation Preview & The Best/Worst of Natalie Portman

We briefly preview “Annihilation” and do an overview of Portman’s films. Darren, Damien and Kira are featured on this episode.



Ep. 94 Black Panther Preview & Reviews of Standalone Superhero Films

As Black Panther hits theaters, we release this discussion as a preview along with reviews of other favorite standalone superhero films. This is our 94th podcast, just 6 more ’til we reach 100! We’re gonna throw a party!


Host: Darren from Moviesreview101.com
Co-Host: Damien from RileyOnFilm.com
Guests: Drew from Drew’s Movie Reviews -and-
Kira from FilmAndTV101.Wordpress.com


The ABC’s of Horror – K & L – Talking Stars Ep. 93

In this episode, Darren, our usual host, is joined by friend of the show and Horror/Animation aficionado: “Megan” of the Zombie Kitty Podcast. She adds much to the show when she visits and we hope she comes back frequently!


They cover a lot of ground as the series keeps moving into the depths of the blackest night. Oh that reminds me, there are a few fun effects in this one. At the beginning and somewhere around the game. 🙂 If you like them leave me a comment. Those keep me going!!! They also encourage everyone who works on Talking Stars.

By the way, this is Damien. I had the privilege of editing this fine episode # 93! Just 7 more to 100. We’ll have to do something special for that. Make sure and subscribe to itunes or one of the many great places to listen in the sidebar. Oh, and if you’re interested in being a guest, let us know!


ABC’s of Horror – J

In this episode, we continue our ongoing yet intermittent series on “The ABC’s of Horror.” In today’s edition, we talk about those having to do with the letter J. The shape of the letter is a hook (imagine blood and a door and you have a scary urban legend!).

That’s just one we talk about. Have a listen. We hope you enjoy. Damien is hosting today with his great guest, The Vern from Cinema Recall.

kristen bell


ABC’s of Horror – H

hostel-3It was great having our new friend of the show: Megan aka Zombie Kitty Podcast on the show to talk ABC’s of Horror H. We (Darren and I) Talked about a good healthy number of horror films starting with the letter or having to do with it in categories or characters. Host: Darren Lucas from Movie Reviews 101 Joined by: Megan from Zombie Kitty Podcast Damien Riley from Riley on Film


ABC’s of Horror – I

This is turning out to be a super fun podcast series. Next in the ABC’s of Horror, the letter “I.” Today Darren and Damien talk about their picks of films starting with “I” and/or having something to do with the letter I, such as Director or Character names. We hope you enjoy the show.


On this episode:

Darren Lucas – Moviesreview101.com
Damien Riley – RileyOnFilm.com


Proud Mary and Our Favorite Assassin Films

Proud Mary is out in the US but not in the UK. The Talking Stars got together to have a conversation about what we think it will be like along with our opinions of the trailer.

In the latter part of the show, we each brought our favorite assassin films to the discussion. Finally, Darren brought a new game he is still refining. You may hear some waiting space as Kira and Damien try to guess his brain-teasing questions about film and various categories. We have some ways to make it more smooth next time so listen for our next episode.

Thank you for being a listener. We appreciate you being there! Until next time … see you at the movies.

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