Actor Focus – Nicole Kidman Number 2

Actor Focus – Nicole Kidman

During this month, we are each pick out a film or television performance from Nicole Kidman to share, this months was Kira’s choice.

This red-haired Australian bombshell made her film debut in 1983 and still is an actress who appears in Oscar nominated movies like Lion, but picking a film to suggest comes off easier for myself than you would imagine.

My Pick

The Others (2001)

The Reason I picked this filmWhen you get an A-List star in horror you often get a complete miss, but with the Others Kidman owns this role. The film follows a mother who lives in darkness because her children are photosensitive, she becomes paranoid the house in haunted but you will be in for a shock when you learn the truth.

This is a horror people will always recommend by horror fans because of the draw of the big name in Kidman and I will always be one to follow the trend on recommending this horror gem.

Come back next week to see what Damien selects from Kidman’s work.


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