Darren’s Wednesday Trip into World Cinema – Norway – Troll Hunter (2010)

In my own feature on Talking Stars, I have decided to go around the world and search for the films people are missing, I will be trying to cover as many different country with this feature, so let’s fasten our seat belts, board the plane and set sail to worlds unknown.

After spending my week in Sweden and escaping the hands of the evil Hypnotist, I headed just across the border to Norway, in Norway I got to team up with a documentary film crew that were joining forces with a lone hunter claiming he hunts down Trolls in the countryside. With camera in hand I know this week is going to be very interesting for myself.

Troll Hunter



Short SaleYou want to see a fun found footage film that isn’t just screaming at the camera? Well you need to look no further, as this mockumentary style film explores the unknown threat in the Norwegian countryside. We have a unique look at different types of trolls that you will remember all of the sequences with them. This also comes from director Andre Ovredal who bought us the exceptional Autopsy of Jane Doe this year.

Let me know what you think of Troll Hunter.

I will be setting back out to see next week as I head off to Iceland for my latest adventure.


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