A – Z Challenge – Thriller – A – Alfred Hitchcock

A – Z Challenge – Thriller – A – Alfred Hitchcock

Every Sunday between Damien, Kira and myself we are going through the alphabet and select anything from a Film, Director, Character, Scene, Location, Item from a film or Reasons Thrillers Exist.

For this letter, I got A

My Pick

Alfred Hitchcock

ReasonLet me start with four film titles, Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window, North by Northwest. When you see just those four films you will know how to make a thriller that hasn’t dated, never stops keeping you guessing and films people still talk about today over 50 years later. Alfred Hitchcock could easily be considered the greatest thriller directors, often imitated never emulated.

Diving into other thrillers he directed that aren’t too bad either, we have Torn Curtain, The Birds, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Rope and Dial M for Murder. Seeing all these films you could easily have a full education in how to make a thriller from the greatest master in film thriller directing.

Come back next Sunday to see what Damien picks for his choice for B.


Author: newguy87

Big Film fan and general entertainment fan

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