Talking Stars Podcast S01 E09: ‘Crawl or Die’ and ‘The BFG’

What can a big budget do for a so so movie story? How about what can a great story do with a lower budget? These are issues Damien and Darren tackle today in this episode of “Talking Stars.” We hope you enjoy.


Crawl or Die and The BFG are the two films covered in this episode. We talk about the first film that has a relatively small budget, Crawl or Die, and stack it against the high budgeted BFG. You can read in our excitement that Crawl or Die did a lot more with less to making a great film. Listen to Darren and Damien discuss these two films in this episode. This podcast includes spoilers.

We’re curious what you think of the films and the podcast. Do leave us a comment if you have the time. As always, if you would like to be on the show or you have a film, actor, or genre you’d like to see us cover, leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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Author: Damien Riley

Records a podcast of film reviews and personal muse. Loves comments. BA/MA English from Cal State Fullerton. Based in: Victorville, CA, USA #PodernFamily

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