ABC’s of Horror – E

Something might creep up behind you while you’re listening and it won’t be a grammar lesson. This is the one in which we discuss horror films beginning with E! (evil laugh …)


Host: Darren Lucas of Movie Reviews 101

Cohost/hooded ferryman skeleton: Damien Riley of Riley on Film


Talking Stars Episode 81 – Murder Made Easy, Dave Palamaro & Indie Film Making

On today’s show we speak to the director of Murder Made Easy, Dave Palamaro. We also look at indie movie making and the doors that can get opened through it.

Host: Darren Lucas from Movie Reviews 101

Panel/CoHost: Damien Riley from Riley on Film

Talking Stars Episode 80 Thor Ragnarok Preview & 3rd Installments in Franchises

Talking Stars Episode 80
Thor Ragnarok Preview & 3rd Instalments in Franchises

Today we are previewing Thor Ragnarok while talking our favourite, worst and most disappointing third instalments in franchises.

Host – Darren – Movie Reviews 101


Damien – Riley on Film

Jason – Jason’s Movie Blog

Talking Stars Episode – Geostorm & Disaster Movies

On today’s show Damien and Darren discussion whether they are looking forward to seeing Geostorm before ranking our five favourite disaster movies.


Guest Hunting

HI all,

We are looking for guests on Talking Stars, and you are invited to join us.

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just reply with any you would like to be on.

We are also looking to continue the ABC of horrors, so if you want to do them let us know.

If there are any other releases due between January and April you would like to talk about we will be open to change and place a show on them in too,  but no Fifty Shades Freed!!

I also know you are from all over the world so we will be open to arrange shows to fit your schedule too.

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One final thing, we are looking to do a preview show in The Shape of Water (Preview) and looking at Del Toro Movies, we are currently looking for guests for that one too.

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All dates are scheduled for Sunday recording.

Recording – The Shape of Water (Preview) The Guillermo Del Toro Films
Date – 3rd December 2017

Recording – Movies of the Year (Genre Each Picked by Person on Show)
Date – 7th January 2018

 – Proud Mary (Preview) Favourite Solo Assassins in Films.
Date – 14th January 2018

 – God Particle (Preview) Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane Discussion.
Date – 21st January 2018

 – Black Panther (Preview) Favourite Solo Superhero Movies.
Date – 28th January 2018

 – Annihilation (Preview) The Best and Worst of Natalie Portman
Date – 4th February 2018

 – Red Sparrow (Preview) The Best and Worst of Jennifer Lawrence
Date – 11th February 2018

 – Winchester: The House Ghosts Built (Preview) Spierig Brothers Look back (DAybreakers, Predestination and Jigsaw)
Date – 18th February 2018

 – Alpha (Preview) Favourite Battle Against the Elements Movies.
Date – 25th February 2018

 – Tomb Raider (Preview) Favourite Action Heroines
Date – 4th March 2018

 – Pacific Rim Uprising (Preview) Favourite Giant Monster Movies.
Date – 11th March 2018

 – Ready Player One (Preview) Spielberg and Sci-Fi
Date – 18th March 2018

 – A Wrinkle in Time (Preview/Review) Looking at Young Adult Novels to Movies.
Date – 25th March 2018

 – The New Mutants (Preview) Before they were Mutants, a look at the roles the new cast have done before this movie.
Date – 1st April 2018

Episode 78: Tusk

In this episode (78) join me as host while we peer into the macabre and terrifying world of Tusk. Listen to 4 film podcasters talk about how they encountered this horror film and what it means to them today. We happily dedicate this episode to Tusk’s writer and director, Kevin Smith.


We also cover the category of “body horror” in a cursory fashion in this episode. Here is the panel:

Host: Damien from Riley on Film (me) My written review of Tusk

Darren from Movie Reviews 101
Zoë from Zobo With a Shotgun
Megan from Zombie Kitty Podcast

Talking Star Episode 77 – Blade Runner Past and Present

This week we are joined by

Darren – Movie Reviews 101
Damien Riley –
Carl Wonders –

We are going to be talking about Blade Runner 1982 and Blade Runner 2049, come and listen to see if we liked, loved or hated these movies



Talking Stars Ep #76 – Mother!

Today Kira hosts as we review Darren Aronofsky’s enigmatic thriller “Mother.”


Host: Kira from Film and TV 101

Damien from Riley on Film
Darren from Movie Reviews 101
Vern from That Moment In (podcast)

We welcome any comments or suggestions! Thanks from the Talking Stars.

Ep 74 The Snowman Preview and a Look at Dark Crime Thrillers

Darren, Kira, and Damien preview the upcoming “The Snowman” film with a show full of commentary on dark crime thrillers. Highlights include Se7en and Zodiac. In total we touch on several films.

Download show audio